Get 111 Ways to Laugh Your Baggage Off!

The Alchemy of Laughing Your Baggage Off

What do I do to get through my many misfortunes? First, I find humor in every fiasco; rewrite my story, remove the bad juju, and start a new chapter.

Getting unstuck is a colossal endeavor. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can influence our perception. As your Calamity Alchemist, let me explain how we play the game:

Claim It

Claim the disaster that continues to weigh heavily on you.

Name It

Describe the calamity with a funny name: for example, Singapore Arm in a Sling, Gin and Bear it, Peeping Tom Collins.

Reframe It

Laughter is the best medicine! Imagine the event humorously or, if that’s not possible, find something to make you laugh; for example, listen to a comedian, watch a funny movie, or your favorite old sitcom.

Laughing changes your energy and has a multitude of benefits, so the harder you laugh, the quicker you’ll heal, and the better you’ll feel.

Wash It Away

Now, the fun part. Turn on some music, raise your glass, and we’ll share a toast and turn the tears into cheers.