Get 111 Ways to Laugh Your Baggage Off!

The Book

People Are Saying

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul™
Publishing Empire Founder

“I literally had to tear myself away and go to bed at 1 o’clock because I wanted to keep reading about one disaster after another.  I loved it; it was fascinating, well written and funny. Thank you for adding joy to my life.”

Laughing My Baggage Off is a three-part book
because life is complicated.

  First, the SHAKER.

Laughing My Baggage Off tells the tales of the all-too-crazy mis-adventures that left me shaken and stirred. Whether slightly stunned for a moment or seriously suffering seemingly without end, I couldn’t prepare for my series of unexpected and unfortunate incidents.

Although plenty would argue about my soundness of mind, laughter staged the stairway to my salvation, survival and sanity.

  Next is the CHASER.

These are my spirited strategies to snap back after any setback. Calamities vary. Some are annoying or embarrassing and others are deep emotional traumas — but then what?

My deepest desire is that if you’ve stalled following a setback, you can swiftly skip ahead a few steps and find your spark again.

  Finally, the CALAMIT-y-ERASER.

To help see the funny side of any fiasco, we celebrate with a cocktail game called CALAMIT-y-ERASER.

Let’s turn that disaster into happily ever laughter and LOL, Leap Outa Loss and back into life.