Get 111 Ways to Laugh Your Baggage Off!

The Book

I literally had to tear myself away and go to bed at 1 o’clock because I wanted to keep reading about one disaster after another. I loved it; it was fascinating, well written and funny. Thank you for adding joy to my life.

— Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul™
Publishing empire founder

Laughing My Baggage Off is a three-part book because who’s got just one piece of baggage.

Life is tough. It’s time to unpack your setback, release the demons
and discover what’s inside weighing you down so you can set it free.

The Crossbody.

Contains the SHAKER we wore close to our heart. This is where we find our story that’s broken our heart and shaken us up… it’s time to change the perspective.

The Carry-On.

Contains the CHASER to put the pieces together again. Time to put our heartache in the past, learn the lessons and carry on…

The Cocktail Cooler.

Contains the  CALAMIT-y-ERASER to celebrate the end of the disaster and say cheers to new beginnings! The time has come to enjoy life again and say goodbye to the pain and cheers to what lies ahead.

More Praise for the Book

I love, love, love Faith’s sense of humor in this laugh-out-loud journey through messes, mishaps and misadventures that can help people get through truly tough times.

— Karen Salmansohn

Best-selling author & designer sold over two million books & courses • Oprah columnist • celebrity favorite

Laughing My Baggage Off by Faith Poe, is a trip! It’ll have you swimming in laughter and gives you pause to think and reflect on your own journey as you tag along on hers.

— Suzy Toronto

Artist • best-selling author of 31 books • Wonderful Wacky Woman products creator

There’s no book like it — it’s genre breaking. I loved Laughing My Baggage Off because if Faith could get through all this, my battle’s a piece of cake. It made me laugh and feel better.

— Sherry Robb

Launched the careers of 11 New York Times nest-selling actors and authors